Dr. James Reid began the expansion of this dental practice in 1973 shortly after graduating from the Indiana School of Dentistry, when he took over the practice of local Dentist, Dr. Lasik. It was Dr. Reid who first began to use the phrase “Perfect is good enough” which has now become a bit of a slogan for the practice. The group serves children age 3 to adult with general family dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, implants and the invisalign teeth straightening system.

The growth required numerous expansions over the years, including a major expansion to the long time downtown South Deerfield building. The current entrance is handicap accessible, and is in what is referred to as the “new” section of the building. The construction project however was done with respect to the “feel” of South Deerfield center. Attention was paid to the original building’s architectural details, right down to the porch columns and shutters, making it difficult from the outside to notice the age difference of the new “L” section. Its convenient location right at the South Deerfield common on Park Street has plenty of parking for patients as well.

The practice has grown steadily since 1973, from its origins as a one Doctor, one chair office, to the nine chair dental facility it is today, housing two doctors and four hygienists working full time providing the highest level of care to local patients. The general tone and feel of the Sugarloaf Dental office mirrors that of its Dentists, a caring and kind approach, catering to the individual needs of the patient. Dr. Jared Reid and Dr. Justine Karanian, along with the entire staff at Sugarloaf Dental, invite you become a patient where, “Perfect is good enough!”